First we had Daniel in Black whose association with water meant that he was willing to change, evolve, and become human. He embraced humanity and saw the Fall as an opportunity. 

Here, in Reichenbach, we also have Castiel associated with water in an episode where he learns from past mistakes and learns to let go and well, if not let God, then let matters fall as they may. 

Water has become a symbol for going with the flow this season. I hope we see Dean near water when he overcomes the Mark of Cain. Water is purifying and cleansing. It would be only poetic that he be baptized and reborn near water. 

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"They’re not just monsters, Dean. They’re Leviathans. I have a price on my head and I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of them, to…. to keep them away from you. That’s why i ran”

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Everybody who reblogs this i will write your url/name down in a book called “People who won a People’s Choice Award for Best Fan Following” and send it to the Supernatural set. 


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alighting / embarking


alighting / embarking

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"We’ve been through much together, you and I."

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you chose death

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That was an interesting experience.

How to express love in Dean's and Cas' ways.

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